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The information technology industry has become one of the mainstays of the U.S. economy. This industry, which encompasses hardware manufacturers, integrators and resellers, software developers and vendors, and IT consultants, in recent years has seen a number of economic challenges including rapid technological advances (often leading to product obsolescence), outsourcing and offshoring of IT functions, and pressures on profit margins. These challenges have resulted in wide variety of legal needs for this industry including intellectual property protection and licensing, outsourcing and foreign offshoring concerns, sales and leasing, and competitor cooperation. These challenges also require that in order to provide effective legal counseling to a firm in the IT industry, legal counsel must be familiar with the technical essentials of information technology and possess an in-depth understanding of the IT function.

Legal services include counseling and representation regarding the following:

●    Hardware equipment sales and leasing
●    Software licensing
●    Software development contracts
●    Joint ventures
●    Copitition arrangements
●    Service level agreements (SLAs)
●    Intellectual property protection
●    IT outsourcing
●    IT foreign market offshoring
●    IT strategic planning


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